Sharing the Love - 25% of ALL Cardano ITN fees generated by KIWI will be given back to delegators

We have the pool operating beautifully. Plenty of rooms available at Hotel KIWI so come on in and stay for the duration. We have a higher than average lifetime ROI of around 12.5% so plenty of reason to book in.

I still need to work out the finer details but KIWI will give back to its delegators 25% of all fees generated from running the pool during the Cardano Incentivized Testnet.

A winner or winners will be drawn by some form of lottery. This will be transferred to the lucky winner(s) in Mainnet ADA when you re-join KIWI on Mainnet after having delegated with us during Testnet. T&C's will apply and details still to be worked out and/or decided by vote at our Telegram Channel.

Come join us at the channel and add your 2cents on how we should give this ADA away.

Happy Days 💰💰💰


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