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Snipers in the House

Kia Ora from New Zealand

Due to the reduced amount of ADA staked to our pool over the past few epochs we have been allocated less slots per epoch than previously (as is to be expected). In epochs 34, 35 and 36 we were allocated 1 slot per epoch which is about right for the stake delegated to KIWI during those epochs.

We had sync and bootstrap issues immediately prior to block minting in epoch 34 (bad timing). In epochs 35 and 36 we were up and stable at block minting time but got sniped on both of these blocks. So a bad run of luck for us the past few epochs.

We are still however sitting at over 12% ROI since inception which is higher than most, if not all, of the larger pools.

I've been out of town the past week and although I've been checking the pool regularly several times each day I haven't been able to put the work in that I normally would. I'm back on board today however and have put in place measures to improve our uptime and stability. With a little luck we'll be back into minting blocks.

Feel free to get in touch anytime via Telegram at

I'm available most of the day NZ time and any messages sent when I'm catching some zzzz's I should in most cases be able to reply to in a timely manner the following day.

Have a great day!


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