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Christmas Day Brings Network Stability - Now Ranked 62

Merry Christmas everybody!

The first week or so of the Cardano Incentivized Testnet has brought its fair share of ups and downs. It is a testnet after all, the purpose of which is to push the network to extremes, break stuff, fix stuff, and find out how the game theory that's gone into the algorithm works in as close to a real life situation as possible.

The Cardano devs along with the Stake Pool community have done a great job at putting fixes in place and now we're seeing greater stability for those pools that have been setup well.

Our ranking has improved day by day and we have made 100% of the blocks allocated to us since listing as a stake pool. More stake will help us move up the rankings so please do join us at kiwipool - Ticker: KIWI.

Thanks to all of you who have staked with us so far.

Merry Christmas from Matticus and the devs at kiwipool :-)

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