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It's Moments like these you need Minting

Kiwis will understand and appreciate the play on words - click on the mintie link below to find out what i'm talking about:

We've had a few 'minties moments' the past few epochs! We've dealt with bootstrap issues and the occasional bit of bad luck with sniping at block minting time, however . . .

... We're back in business so Stay with Me, or if you've left - Baby Come Back and if you've never been with us Come on Over.

Suffice to say we have minted ALL our blocks in ALL our allocated slots today and we're now back on track.


+ 100% Performance for Epoch 38 (blocks minted in all allocated slots)

+ Estimated 20-25% ROI (p.a) for Epoch 38

+ back from holiday and systems in place to ensure more reliable operation. Kudos to Andrew from BCSH for his wizardry!

+ looking good for reliable operation so stay, come back or join us for the first time.



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