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KIWI pool has fourth highest ROI of all Staking Pools!

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Good news fellow Cardano stakers, it seems KIWI is on a lucky streak!

In the last three epochs we have been allocated a (much) higher than average percentage of Leader Slots and accordingly we are creating a disproportionately high percentage of blocks. In fact, we've been pretty lucky overall since our inception. Which is awesome for us all!

The 'law of averages' suggest this will even out over time but someone's gotta be lucky and right now we are.

Our stake is growing day by day and our pool is running reliably. Thank you for your stake and enjoy your higher than average rewards!

And give yourself a pat on the back for supporting true decentralisation by staking with a non-VPS pool!

To compare all the different pool stats head on over to and sort the list of pools by the search criteria that most interests you. They've made a great tool for the Cardano community and they graciously accept donations.

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