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KIWI Pool - Lifetime ROI of 15.6% p.a.

Just been crunching some numbers and analyzing our pool's performance. I indicated in my previous post that KIWI is sitting in the top 10 for ROI (21.16% p.a.) over the past 3 epochs. More significantly though we are sitting at around 15.6% per annum for lifetime return on investment. This is well above the average of just over 8%. In fact almost twice as high as the average!

This puts KIWI firmly in the top 50 pools for Lifetime ROI (ROI since inception).

Of course, luck comes and goes. Reliability and pool performance however, have helped us to take advantage of our lucky struck. Long may it continue!

Happy New Year. All the best for an awesome 2020 - the year of critical mass in "The Great Awakening".

Times are changing fast and this will accelerate even more during this special year ahead.

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