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Kiwipool Staking is Alonzo Hardfork-ready

Hi y'all, just a very quick post to advise that we upgraded all pool nodes to cardano-node version 1.29.0 around 10 days ago. This is the node version required to successfully hardfork into the Alonzo era. We have successfully traversed two epoch transitions using the new node software and the pools are performing well since the upgrade. We're ready for the Hardfork Combinator Event. Bring it on!

A reminder also that Telegram is our main method of communication. Please come join us over at either the Telegram Group or the Telegram Channel, or both! The Telegram Channel is broadcast only which means you can get all the official pool and pool stats updates without the chit-chat. The Telegram Group includes all the official notifications broadcast through the Channel but is an open forum for discussion.

Kiwipool Staking Channel:

Kiwipool Staking Group: Matticus Together, WE are 返賅返梗埠埠 蛤h突返荊

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