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Kiwipool Staking Launches into Shelley Era

Today we joined the hundreds of other Cardano Stakepool Operators in launching our Mainnet Pools! 🥝 KIWI by Kiwipool Staking [KIWI]

🍜 RAMEN by Kiwipool Staking [RAMEN]

🌰 TRUFL by Kiwipool Staking [TRUFL]

What a great day! We've been doing this since December 2019 throughout the Incentivized Testnets (ITN) and through the rocky, bear-filled mountains of the Shelley Testnets. And now we're here, hanging with Shelley. No longer is it 'when-Shelley', we're now in the 'when Goguen' era. Hooray! Thank you to all the Kiwipool 'OG' Stakers that have supported us since the beginning. And thanks to all the new stakers that have joined the Kiwipool community along the way. A little bit of housekeeping before I head off for a nap . . . You may have noticed that our website has had very little development go into it over the past six or eight months. And very few blog posts since the post prior to this one. There is a good reason for this. Just like Cardano focused on the code and not on marketing, so too has Kiwipool focused on our Stakepool operation. We used to post blog entries here until I discovered Twitter! We will be updating the website in due course but we still have much work to do on Kiwipooll operations ahead of block minting which starts in 10 days from now. So Twitter is the place to go for catching up on news. We can be found here:

Thank you one and all! Matticus 🥝

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