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🍨Sundae Funday(s) starts in E324 for Sundae Rewards Claiming

Claiming of 🍨SundaeSwap ISO Rewards starts in Epoch 324 on 1 Mar 22 (UTC). Rewards can be claimed using 💧DripDropz (DD). In fact, for the first four days of E324, 💧DripDropz will be servicing $Sundae rewards-claiming exclusively! Check out the below article for details:

There will be at least a year available to claim $Sundae rewards so patience is the key here. There is also likely to be a non-DripDropz method of claiming $Sundae offered some time in the future. So, if you're not keen on paying the small DD transaction fee you can simply wait until the SundaeSwap team implements their own claiming system later on down the line. Ever heard of that saying "There's no hurry in Africa"? Well, think of the claiming process in these terms. Be patient, take your time, get it right first time. And, above all else, if your wallet has a "Send All" button DO NOT CLICK IT when sending funds to DripDropz! Matticus 🥝 + 🍨 = 😁

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