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🍨SundaeSwap Update - 3 Dec 21

A quick update ...

Here's what we DON'T yet know: 🍨 We DO NOT yet know which epoch/date the ISO will start ℹ️ 🍨 We DO NOT yet know about the ratios of staked ADA to SundaeSwap tokens, how many tokens we'll receive or how the 'equitable distribution model' will work ℹ️

Here's what we DO know: 🍨 100 million SundaeSwap tokens will be airdropped throughout the ISO - 20 million per epoch for 5 epochs. This represents 5% of Total Supply 🍨 In order to be eligible for the SundaeSwap Airdrop you will need to be staked with a SundaeSwap ISO Pool at least one epoch prior to the ISO starting epoch (the starting epoch has not yet been confirmed) ℹ️ 🍨 You will continue to receive all your ADA rewards as per usual! Unlike many of the other ISO's such as the MELD 'ISPO', SundaeSwap will not 'usurp' your Cardano rewards 👍👍👍 🍨 All 🥝Kiwipool Staking stakepools are eligible for the ISO. If you stake with any of our three pools you'll be eligible for the airdrop 👍 🍨 The MELD 'ISPO' finishes at the end of the current epoch (8 Dec 21). If you are returning from MELD back to 🥝Kiwipool Staking, welcome home! In order to maximise rewards We ask that you keep an eye out on saturation levels of your pools and ideally dive in the least saturated pool ℹ️

🍨 Current Stakepool 'Saturation' levels are around ₳67.5m. We still have plenty of capacity available in all our pools ℹ️ ➡️ 🥝KIWI - ₳53.25m (🌡79%) ➡️ 🍜RAMEN - ₳39.57m (🌡59%)

➡️ 🥝KIWI¹ - ₳3.37m (🌡5%) 🍨 The SundaeSwap Testnet starts on 5 Dec. You can get involved with the Testnet and help to identify and squish any 🪳 and at the same time learn about SundaeSwap. For details see Feel free to ask any questions below, via 'Contact us', via Twitter or through the Telegram Group and Channels here. Telegram Group (incl chat): Telegram Channel (Broadcast Only): Have a great weekend! Matticus ☀️ 🌍 Together, WE are 🥝𝘒𝘪𝘸𝘪𝘱𝘰𝘰𝘭 𝘚𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨

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