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Brief Update - Epoch 54

Hi all.

KIWI has been running beautifully with higher then average rewards relative to the size of our stake. Epoch 52 in particular was a bumper effort with 22 blocks minted - a new KIWI epoch record.

Updates to the website have been on the back-burner the past week whilst we've focused on improving and streamlining KIWI's staking processes. The current website is very much a beta version, a v0.1 if you like. We will be tweaking the site over the coming weeks and months. For now though our priority is staying well on top of pool operations and keeping the rewards flowing.

For the most up-to-date KIWI news follow us on Twitter or on our Telegram channel (or both even!).

We look forward to announcing the winner (or winners) of the Kiwipool Staking Profit Sharing Scheme (for ITN). If you haven't already heard, KIWI will be returning 25% of all ITN fees received to one or perhaps multiple KIWI stakers. The total currently stands at over ₳2,200 and is growing by the epoch. We still need to iron out all the T&C's but the payout(s) will be made in Mainnet ADA once the Mainnet is up and running and you've rejoined KIWI.

As always, thank you to YOU the stakers for having faith in KIWI to mint your rewards. We appreciate it and hope to repay your faith with great rewards over the long-term.

matticus 🥝 ❤️ ₳₳₳

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1 Comment

Lyndsay Knight
Lyndsay Knight
Aug 22, 2021

Hi Matticus, I very new to this crypto biz and due to being on an invalids benefit from head/brain injury from a motorbike crash (not my fault,car done U-turn in front of me 🤕💩) I was looking through the staking pools and seen the kiwi symbol and thought "that's a bit of me" being born and breed Kiwi from Pukekohe.i look forward to the future and hope I may be able to ask for advice in the future. nothing professional of course just as a mate maybe 😉 cheers buddy

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