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Final 🍨SundaeSwap Vote Update

With one sleep to go (NZT), we appear to be firmly in the Top 30. But, with a transferable vote system in place, we need a buffer to ensure we stay in the Top 30 at the finish!

We've had a great voting effort so far but If you haven't voted yet, placing your vote now for kiwi will reinforce our position in the Top 30 and bring us home strongly! 💪

Simply send 2.531000 to any address in your wallet from the same wallet to vote for kiwi. It's that easy.

If you have multiple wallets you can vote separately with each wallet. Voting is stake weighted so the more ADA voted, the better it is for the 🥝Kiwipool Staking community

This is my last post on the vote until after the results have been published. I look forward to updating y'all after voting closes. Matticus 🥝🍨

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