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KIWI繒 Saturation Alert

Hope everyone's had/having a great weekend?! Just a quick message to advise that the KIWI繒 pool (ID: 921dc3fc11681ad9ccde08c9bc23041808f4b7e8ba231be557db8ab5) has entered the saturation zone. One of the larger delegators in KIWI繒 added a large sum of ADA into their wallet during this epoch (E324) and now KIWI繒 is saturated. If you're currently staking with KIWI繒 we'd recommend you temporarily move across to KIWI or RAMEN until KIWI繒 returns to 'normal' levels. It's a good idea to move across before the end of Epoch 324 to minimise any potential loss of rewards due to saturation.


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