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Public Safety Announcement

Scammers are rife in #Crypto, stay safe out there Kiwipool Staking will NEVER, EVER contact delegators asking for their private keys or passphrase. We will NEVER ask stakers to verify their passphrase or enter their passphrase into a website. We will never ask you for personally identifiable information.

When using Lite wallets such as Yoroi, Adalite or Eternl (formerly ccvault) it is extremely important to double/triple check the site before connecting to it. Always assume a Lite Wallet website asking for your passphrase or password is a scam until you have unequivocally determined that it is safe.

Likewise, if you are direct-messaged by an account purporting to be from Kiwipool Staking or any other Stakepool Operator it is a good idea to assume that this is a scammer unless you have unequivocally confirmed otherwise. Never Trust, Always Verify It's a jungle out there, stay crypto safe love to all . . . Matticus

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