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🍨 SundaeSwap ISO Starts Epoch 316 [20 Jan 22 21:45 UTC]

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

ℹ️ The SundaeSwap ISO has been announced to commence from Epoch 316 👉 20 Jan 22 21:45 UTC (OR 21 Jan 22 10:45 NZT)

If you're already delegated, sit tight, you're already on your way to earning airdropped $Sundae

ℹ️ If you're not currently delegated with a 🥝Kiwipool Staking pool then you will need to be delegated with us from E316 at the latest to ensure you qualify for your full ISO airdrop allocation ℹ️ The ISO will run for 5 epochs. To be eligible for your full ISO allocation, simply remain delegated throughout the 5 epochs from E316

ℹ️ We will all continue to receive ALL of our usual #ADA rewards throughout the ISO ℹ️ The number of $Sundae tokens airdropped will be proportional to your stake with weighting on large wallets to ensure an "equitable distribution model"

ℹ️ $Sundae will not 'appear' in your wallet, you will need to proactively claim it using a dApp enabled wallet. Nami and wallets are currently 'dApp enabled'. Yoroi will be dApp enabled soon

ℹ️ We will have plenty of time to claim our airdropped $Sundae tokens, at least 12 months. Any unclaimed tokens after the claiming period ends will be claimed by the SundaeSwap DAO Treasury so make sure you claim your tokens within the allocated timeframe

For full details see:

✅ If you're already delegated with us then sit tight, you're all set to qualify for earning $Sundae tokens ✅ All three 🥝Kiwipool Staking pools are eligible for the airdrop


Stake in E316 BEFORE 25th January 21:45 UTC and stay for 5 Epochs (25 days) for full ISO $Sundae rewards.



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