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Workaround Fix to Cardano ITN Daedalus Wallet Sync Issues

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Hi, ITN Daedalus update coming soon - real soon I believe. If you need action sooner this workaround should get you rolling . . .

Like everything in life, do this workaround at your own risk but in the comfort that this is the standard workaround that most everyone with ITN Daedalus issues has been using to resolve them. Don't Trust - Verify, Always! Proceed at your own risk.

[Workaround assumes Windows 10]

Step 1 - Update Underlying ITN Daedalus Node Software - jormungandr & jcli:

Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Daedalus - Rewards v1"

Then rename the file jcli to jcli.old and jormungandr to jormungandr.old.

Then download the latest precompiled binary (at time of posting this was 0.8.9) from Unzip and add the jcli and jormungandr files from this download back in to the same folder (make sure you download the relevant release for your OS version) .

Jormungandr and jcli are the files that run the node in the background of ITN Daedalus. Later versions of jormungandr and jcli are significantly more stable than those that shipped with the current version of ITN Daedalus.

Step 2 - Update Trusted Peers:

Many people with the same issue have been using the trusted peers list found at to update/append their jormungandr-config.yaml file.

In "C:\Program Files\Daedalus - Rewards v1" folder make a backup copy of jormungandr-config.yaml - just right click this file and select copy then paste in the same folder to make a backup. If prompted for "Administrator Permission" hit Continue at the prompt.

What I do next is copy the contents of the original jormungandr-config.yaml file into the .json side of this awesome tool - This changes the markup from JSON to YAML format (yYAML is heaps easier to work with, trust me!). Paste the contents into the left-hand side under JSON and in the right-hand side voila - it converts to YAML. Now go back and remove all existing contents of the jormungandr-config.yaml file and copy/paste your freshly converted YAML code back in its place. The file should now start with --- and end with listen:

From here it is simple to append additional peers from into the yaml file preserving the same format and syntax and then save and close.

Check out a copy of what this file will look like here -

If need be, everything above can be easily reverted from the backups you created as you went.

Long-winded but that's the workaround I use as a Stake Pool Operator.

Make sure you do all this in the relevant ITN Daedalus folder, not your Mainnet Daedalus!! For Windows 10, the correct folder for ITN Daedalus is "C:\Program Files\Daedalus - Rewards v1".

Hope this helps . . .

matticus 🥝 ❤️ ₳₳₳ | Cardano Staking Pool | Ticker: KIWI

Putting the capital D in Decentralized #Cardano [#ADA] staking with onsite, bare metal servers & located in the world's favorite doom's day bunker location - NZ

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